ATO Flight training school - Poland

Incredible value for money, accommodation and maintenance on site,  trainings completed in no time, G1000 aircraft, simulators, flexible schedule, experienced and friendly team, examiners approved by foreign CAA...

Go for an incredible experience in beautiful Poland!

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The site is made of one large hangar and two buildings. On the ground floor, you will find class rooms, simulators, offices, a kitchen also and even a laundry. If there was a supermarket (Dino is 5' away), all could be done without having to leave the campus! Even sending your mail is taken care of... On the 1st floor, rooms are available for the students to stay during their trainings. Close to the on-site maintenance center, there is a control tower from which instructors monitor solo flights and organize pattern movements. 


Most of the PPL and CPL IR ME trainings are carried out on single-engine aircraft P2002T (3) and twin-engine P2006T (3 soon). Also, UPRT is conducted on a C150 and Zlin Z526. A C172 is also available to fly. 

Most important is Adriana's own maintenance center on site: when needed, an aircraft is never out of service for too long. 


All instructors have a huge experience ranging from ex-military to commercial operations. During my stay, I was offered a dedication beyond expectations: whether day or night, during the weekend or even during their holidays, they are ready to be available for you in order to secure your schedule and make sure you avoid days without flying. They all speak English and work in a super friendly atmosphere. Some are even Flight Examiners and already approved by DGAC and other CAA, no need to wait for a FE to take your exam!

Administrative staff

Agnieszka (planning, English and MCC instructor) (pictured here in front of the "Wall Of Fame" with Jarek, Head of Training) and Mariola (accounting manager) are making sure you have access to your schedule, that your account balance sheet is up-to-date and your budget controlled. Beyond the figures, they and the rest of the team will treat you as true human beings and make you feel so good that you will have the feeling to be spending your time (working  h a r d ) in a summer camp!!

Cost and schedule

Latest prices provided by Adriana are available here. Most courses are individual. Planification is flexible, 7 days/week, 18h/day. Most students complete a CPL IR ME in 5 weeks or less, which is ideal when you work full time and need to limit your time off-duty.

1.000 EUR discount

 A 1.000 EUR discount on the CPL-IR-ME package will be applied by Adriana Aviation on your invoice upon registration on the Plaisirs d'Hélices Contact Page.

ATO Adriana Aviation formation CPL IR ME training pilote professionnel Bydgoszcz

Work environment

Watorowo airfield (EPWT) is uncontrolled, private and equiped to enable day and night operations. It is basically possible to fly anytime without constraints except weather. 20 minutes away, you will find Bydgoszcz (EPBY). This configuration is ideal not only to study IFR STAR, SID and approaches, but also to do some cross-country flight in the frame of the CPL licence before focussing on controlled airspace VFR approaches.  

Flight preparation

In order to get your flights ready efficiently, some apps and links will be of great help: 

- EChronometraz (planning)

- Skydeamon
- gamet gafor taf etc
- mto Poland
- satellite view
- airspaces
- aip vfr
- aip ifr

Maps can be borrowed, printed or sold on site. You are free to resort to your own material but Adriana recommends to resort to Jeppesen charts for IFR rather than AIP ones (great police and better information presentation). 


The instructors will take it for granted that you know all about Adriana's SOP upon arrival. Of course, you can ask questions but no specific lecture will be dedicated to that matter. All the documentation you may need during your training is available on a Drive provided by Plaisirs d'Hélices: aircraft information, training program, useful manuals, ...


Please send a request to be granted access


One big asset of the school is its ability to accommodate students. Rooms can be individual or double for an affordable price. They are furnished nicely and located above the class rooms. No loss of time commuting, you are directly on site ready to jump in the aircraft. You save time, energy and money. 


The easiest way to reach Watorowo is to fly with LOT Polish airline and land in Bydgoszcz (EPBY), generally flying from Warsaw. You can arrange a pick-up with Adriana, the 45-minute drive will cost you 150 PLN or 30 EUR. On site, carpooling is generally the rule to go to the grocery store or get some air. Otherwise, Adriana is renting a car by the hour (approximately 8 EUR).


Chelmno (on the picture: shot from above during an IR flight) is a nice town located some kilometers away from Adriana Aviation along the Vistula river. There, you will find stores, cafés and restaurants to chill out between your training sessions. You will often fly to Bydgoszcz, the closest city nearby, but a better place for tourism is Torun where Copernic was born. Along the Baltic sea, Gdansk is definitely visiting, as well as Warsaw which is very well described on on LOT Polish airlines website

To sum up the assets

Affordable prices, 

Highly skilled and available instructors,
Most students perform CPL-IR-ME package in 5 weeks,
Accommodation is on site, commuting is not an issue,

Individual and flexible planification, 

FE (2) approved by French CAA (DGAC),

Maintenance is on site with mechanics employed by Adriana, no delays due to ferry flights or subcontractors,

Respected budget, no or very limited additional flight hours, no hidden costs,

Small airfield, taxiing is fast, no landing fees charged, bloc-bloc tarification

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