Building up your flight hours

No matter what your project is, there's a way to have it done!

Get in touch with airclubs and training centers!

Meet, talk and read to learn about the others' training process!

Think out of the box: cross the borders!

Here below are links to contact French training centers, to discover a flight log that could inspire you and to find out about a Polish training center: Adriana Aviation.

Airclubs and training centers

Ultralight and aircraft airclubs, Declared and Approved Training Centers (DTO, ATO): all the links to the French official websites.

Flight Log

If you don't know where to begin with, be sure there is no specific formula. Most important is to make the first step and move on according to your constraints and desires. You'll eventually end up somewhere! This flight log describes the major milestones of my training as a pilot. It is an example among many others of a gradual modular training. Hopefully you will find there the fuel to boost your own schemes!

Adriana Aviation

Discover Adriana Aviation, this amazing flight school in Poland where I spent some weeks to obtain my CPL IR ME licence and UPRT certificate. 


1.000 EUR discount

Any student who will contact Adriana Aviation to perform a CPL IR ME training after having registered on the Plaisirs d'Hélices website via the Contact page will be eligible to a 1.000 EUR discount specifically applied on the invoice.